I regularly contribute to The Story Mint serials. The Story Mint was founded by writer Suraya Dewing in New Zealand. They publish ten-part fiction serials covering a wide range of genres. Each chapter is written by a different author. What I love about The Story Mint serials is that they stretch my writing skills and imagination by giving me new styles and tricky plot situations to resolve.

You can read my chapters on The Story Mint website. The serials Sirias 3, The Choir, Missing Pieces and Illusion were recently edited and published in a collection of short fiction titled Everyone Has a Story: Anthology One.

Links to my serial contributions:

The Telegram (Full Serial)  (historical/contemporary)

d.a.d.s, Chapter 6  (comedy)

Liberation, Preface (historical)

Josephine, Chapter 2 (historical)

Sailing, Chapter 4 (suspense/coming of age)

Storm, Chapter 2 (contemporary fiction)

Ghost Ship, Chapter 8 (adventure/thriller)

Moonlight, Chapter 7 (contemporary romance)

The Diary of Pearl Farrell, Chapter 10 (historical/contemporary)

The 6:40 Express, Chapter 3 (mystery/thriller)

Gacgon the Sorceror, Chapter 5  (fantasy)

Changing Times, Chapter 9 (contemporary)

Yours Truly, Chapter 2 (young adult)

The Diary of Pearl Farrell, Preface (historical)

Sirias 3, Chapter 4 (science-fiction)

Stay together, Chapter 10 (melodrama/contemporary)

Memories and Mirages, Chapter 3 (science-fiction)

Wait till I tell you, Chapter 9 (fable/contemporary)

Silver Shoes, Chapter 4 (contemporary romance)

Missing Pieces, Chapter 4 (mystery/suspense/thriller)

Unforgotten, Chapter 2 (mystery/suspense/thriller)

Kauri Jewel, Chapter 6 (mystery/suspense)

The Vacant Room, Preface (mystery/thriller)

Illusion, Chapter 7 (magical realism)

The Choir, Chapter 4 (romantic comedy)

Hostage, Chapter 1 (action/suspense/thriller)

CIA Agent, Chapter 3 (spy thriller)

Some chapters of The CIA Agent serial have been added to Booktrack and can be read as ebook with sound effects.


© Copyright 2017 Linda Alley

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