My latest fiction: Everyone Has a Story

front-anthologyEveryone has a story. There is the story of Lasiandra, the air hostess who is afraid of flying. Then there is the tale of farm girl Elizabeth who runs away to the city to find love. There are the adventures Irish immigrant Liam and his dreams to work on the new American railroad. And there is the mystery of Max who receives a missing piece of a mystery photograph in the mail every Sunday.

These are just some of the stories which feature in Everyone Has a Story: Anthology One, a collection of twelve short stories written by thirty-two authors from eight different countries. Those of you who read this blog regularly will know that I often contribute to The Story Mint’s multi-author serials. I was thrilled to hear that four of my chapters were to be included in the twelve serials selected for publication.


With so many writers involved, it is always a challenge to develop the characters and plot while keeping the style consistent. Flo Ginsburg, Sumandra Maritz and Ray Stone have done an excellent job of editing the serials. The collection covers a wide range of fiction genres such as historical, contemporary, thriller, comedy, science fiction and romance. An abandoned space station, a teenage rehab centre and a haunted village are just some of the equally diverse settings.

The Story Mint is always looking for new writers. If you are interested in reading more of the serials or participating in future projects, visit

As Suraya Dewing, CEO and Founder says. “If we peel back the layers we wrap around ourselves we will find stories, our stories…That’s where the magic dwells.”

Both reading and writing stories has always held a special kind of magic for me and I’m certainly looking forward to unwrapping more stories in 2017.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy and productive New Year.

F Ginsburg, S Maritz and R Stone (eds), Everyone Has a Story Anthology One, Rangitawa Publishing, Feilding, 2016 is on sale at Amazon.








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