Book review: The Lake House by Kate Morton

“The rain was heavy now and the hem of her dress was splattered with mud. She’d have to hide it afterwards; no one could know that she’d been out.” – opening lines of The Lake House by Kate Morton

The Lake House

Genre: Mystery

Published: Allen and Unwin, 2015

Author Fact: Kate Morton is an Australian author, based in the UK. Like most writers, she reads whenever and wherever she can. On her website, she even confesses to reading at red lights! Her inspiration comes from her childhood love of Enid Blyton books.

The Story:

The Lake House centres on the unsolved mystery of baby Theo who disappeared from the Edevane country estate in Cornwall during a Midsummer’s Eve party in 1933.

Seventy years on, Police Detective Sadie Sparrow is taking an enforced holiday at her grandfather’s house in Cornwall after trouble at work. While on an early morning run, she comes across the abandoned Edevane house and becomes determined to find out what happened to Theo.

Theo’s sister Alice Edevane, now in her eighties, is a bestselling detective novelist in London. She seems equally determined to avoid talking about the past.

Why I liked it:

The Lake House is a complex, intriguing tale full of realistic twists and surprises, which constantly pull the reader in different directions. Morton’s writing captures the historical period perfectly and she engages all the senses in her vivid descriptions of the Cornish countryside. Alice Edevane is a fascinating character. Writers and Agatha Christie fans especially will enjoy reading about her creative challenges as she grapples with plotting and creating an author website, all cleverly linked to the story of her brother’s disappearance.


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